How to Learn Digital Marketing.

So you want to learn Digital Marketing.

Why to learn Digital Marketing?

Because whether you are a student or an entrepreneur or you want to build your startup or a person who just want to grow in his/her professional career.

It is for the obvious reasons that Digital Marketing is the need of this era. It’s a must-have skill.

Whether you like it or not but this is something that belongs to the future because with the passage of time, everyone and everything is going digital.

 Upbuzzer.com has beautifully explained about 7 amazing facts that show digital marketing is quintessential for business growth in the current scenario and time to come.

So the question is how can you learn Digital Marketing?

In this digital era, there are various ways to learn Digital Marketing.

Let us understand how you can learn Digital Marketing.

Let’s just dive in..

Read and Learn


There are plenty of good books on Digital Marketing and there are ’n’ number of blogs available on Digital Marketing where you can read and learn Digital Marketing. I am mentioning a few names of the books and blogs through which you can learn Digital Marketing.


  1. Digital Marketing For Dummies by Ryan Deiss & Russ Henneberry.
  2.  Youtility by Jay Baer
  3.  Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi
  4. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk
  5. New Rules of Marketing and PR Marketing Land by David Meerman Scott


  1. The Moz Blog
  2. Content Marketing Institute.
  3. Search Engine Journal
  4. SEMRush Blog
  5. Marketing Land

But the problem with reading about Digital Marketing is that you will only learn the theory. On the contrary, Digital Marketing needs practice and implementation as it is all about deriving results from your marketing campaigns.

 Enrol in a Course


There are plenty of courses available both online and offline, free and paid.

If you want to know more about some online course, you can read this article:Best Online Digital Marketing Course

There are many free and paid courses available in the online domain, you can easily get enrolled yourself in one of these courses.

If you are interested in an offline course, you can also do that but they are not usually free and charge a hefty amount of money for something that you can learn for free or by paying a lesser amount.

But the problem with these courses is that you only get to see and learn but you yourself don’t get hands-on experience.

Get a Job


You can learn Digital Marketing by doing a job or an internship. While working for others, you will get to learn a lot as you will get experience and market exposure at the same time.

But the biggest question is, Who is going to hire you if you don’t know Digital Marketing in the first place?

So the best way which is also my favourite way to learn Digital Marketing is Learn-Practice, Learn-Practice and keep learning.

Got Confused?

Allow me to explain you in a comprehensive way.

Start a Website

Whether you believe it or not, but this method of learning Digital Marketing is not only my personal favorite but also this method of learning is something which is loved by most of the Digital Marketing Gurus available out there in the market.

This is the way through which most of the successful Digital Marketers have learned Digital Marketing.

When you consider self-learning, learning by implementing things yourself, that’s the best way to become a master of anything.

Hold on. Wait for a moment…

Did I mention “anything”?

Yeah, I might get super excited but not everything can be learnt by implementing yourself.

I mean what if you want to be a Surgeon. You cannot start experimenting with humans at your home. It could be very dangerous and moreover, it is not allowed.

To become a Surgeon, you need to get admission in a medical college and be a part of a hospital and then you can actually start experimenting with humans.

But this is not the case with Digital Marketing, unlike many other professions you don’t need to depend on others.

Do you want to know what all you need in order to learn Digital Marketing by yourself without depending on others?

Let’s just read the next section.

Things you will need to learn Digital Marketing.

You will need a Laptop/computer and an internet connection.

If you have a Laptop/Computer and an internet connection. You can become a Digital Marketing Expert by spending less than $100 or about 5000 INR.

All you need to do is register your domain, host a website. Sign up for a free trial of different tools.

Then you can go ahead and start doing paid advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads etc.

All with a very small budget and doing this will put you far ahead in the competition to whoever is learning Digital Marketing through Digital Marketing courses.

I am not saying that Digital Marketing Courses or training programme are not good.

They are good, only if you can take the Digital Marketing training or course and implement it yourself.

But for learning and implementing things, you don’t have to pay a very high amount for a full-time Digital Marketing Course.

You can do the same yourself. You can learn from different sources available for free on the web and start implementing them.

This is how I learned Digital Marketing, by learning and implementing things on my website and social media platforms.

So whenever something new is launched, I immediately learn about it through different sources and implement it on my website.

How to get started.

  1. Register a Domain Name, it will cost you around $10. You can buy a domain from any registrar of your choice There are plenty available in the market. Like Godaddy.com, NameCheap.com, Name.com, Hostinger.com etc.
  2. Buy a small web hosting package, it will cost you around $20. You can buy it from any reliable site, please make sure you are purchasing it from a site which has very good customer support. Few hosting sites which I personally use are WPX hosting and A2 hosting. If you want to buy a cheaper hosting, you can buy it from NameCheap.com and Hostinger.com
  3. Install a WordPress blog in it. Start optimising for SEO. SEO is all about keyword research and optimising your content for the same. For more information on keyword research you can read Guide For Keyword Research For Beginner’s by Baban Patra. This way you can start learning Search Engine Optimisation.
  4. Open a Social Media Page for your brand. This way you can learn Social Media Marketing.
  5. You can drive some paid traffic to your website. $10 per platform is enough to get started. If you have run a campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc., you have learned and covered 80% of the Paid Advertising.
  6. Start building an email list on your website. You can open a free email marketing account with the providers like MailChimp. Start gathering subscribers on your site and this is how you can learn Email Marketing.

These are the concepts which most of the Digital Marketing Courses teach and these are the main concepts that you need to know to become a Digital Marketing Expert.

What’s the Next Step?

I have given you an idea about what is the best way to learn Digital Marketing.

  1. Now you need to choose a topic that you are passionate about. It could be bikes, cars, fashion, technology or it could be anything that you can think of.
  2.  Search for an available domain name and register your domain name. This will be your brand name.
  3. Any website needs content. Come up with titles for at least 5 articles and start writing. This way you can start doing Content Marketing.

For more about Domain, Hosting, Content Management System, How to Link your domain and Hosting and How to install WordPress on your website, you can read my detailed article on How to Create a WordPress Website.

I hope you have got an idea on how you can learn Digital Marketing.

What do you think about this article?

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