How to Create a WordPress Website.

Usually people ask me, How to Learn Digital Marketing or What is the best way to Learn Digital Marketing? I always suggest them, if you really want to learn Digital Marketing by yourself without depending on others, go and create your website or blog(blogging website). Why do I suggest so? Let’s just understand why… Why having a website or blog is so important? Your blog or website is your project. In today’s day and age, having a project is important because if you do a Digital Marketing course then you get a certificate for completing the course. These certificates are …

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How to Learn Digital Marketing.

So you want to learn Digital Marketing. Why to learn Digital Marketing? Because whether you are a student or an entrepreneur or you want to build your startup or a person who just want to grow in his/her professional career. It is for the obvious reasons that Digital Marketing is the need of this era. It’s a must-have skill. Whether you like it or not but this is something that belongs to the future because with the passage of time, everyone and everything is going digital.  Upbuzzer.com has beautifully explained about 7 amazing facts that show digital marketing is quintessential …

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Many of us are working impeccably on our digital campaigns but are unable to get satisfying results. Are you one of them who is spending tons of money on their campaigns but still not getting the desired results? If the answer is yes, then you may have set all the campaigns right but there is only one thing which went wrong and needs your focus immediately and that is, Understanding of  Marketing. You must be thinking I am kidding with you as you have already hired the best of best digital marketers and have spent a good amount of money …

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